Worship Suites
Don Wyrtzen

Worship Suites

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This volume was written to meet the need for background and transitional music in worship services. Inspired by Kierkegard's analogy of worship being drama, veteran performer and church musician Don Wyrtzen has crafted thematically-congruent suites to serve as "incidental music." Each suite contains a number of standard hymns, as well as a newly-composed original theme which serves to introduce and tie the arrangement together. There are numerous starting and stopping points written into the arrangements, allowing for maximum flexibility in length. The main titles include: Call to Worship Suite (also suitable as a prelude); Communion Suite I: The Bread; Communion Suite II: The Cup; Scripture Reading Suit; Prayer Suite I; Baptism Suite; Baby Dedication Suites I & II; Invitation Suites I & II; and Benediction Suite (also suitable as a postlude).

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