FJH Guitar Ensembles, Everybody Plays No. 1
FJH Guitar Ensembles, Everybody Plays No. 1
FJH Guitar Ensembles, Everybody Plays No. 1
Philip Groeber and Matthew Joy

FJH Guitar Ensembles, Everybody Plays No. 1

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Everybody Plays! That’s the basic idea that makes FJH Guitar Ensembles a welcome musical addition to the classroom and the studio. Students of varying skill levels can all play together in these finely-tuned pieces. These two publications are perfect for high school students in Level 1 and 2 of Everybody’s Guitar Method

Features of the Series 

  • A full score and individual parts are included. 
  • Six guitar parts for each piece. The level of difficulty varies in each part so every performer in the ensemble can find music they can play regardless of their level of expertise. Everybody Plays! 
  • The score includes a Teacher’s Guide (providing pertinent details about each of the arrangements), Notes to the Student, Notes to the Teacher, and a Glossary
  • The Resource Center (also in the score), provides three helpful charts: 

1) Chords Used in this Book (with frame diagrams) 

2) First Position Note Chart (with TAB) 

3) Twelfth Position Note Chart (with TAB) 

  • The titles appear in order of level of difficulty. 
  • Chord names are included in the score and in one part so a guitarist, bass player, or pianist canprovide chord accompaniment. 
  • A Chorus part is included for the songs with lyrics. The lyrics are also in the score. This is an excellent opportunity to combine music organizations in your school.


  • Amazing Grace 
  • Go, Tell It on the Mountain 
  • Hope It’s Santa 
  • Look At the Stars 
  • Mary Ann