Everybody's Strum & Play Guitar Chords
Everybody's Strum & Play Guitar Chords
Philip Groeber, David Hoge, Rey Sanchez

Everybody's Strum & Play Guitar Chords

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Everybody's Strum & Play Guitar Chords teaches the elementary guitar student the art of strumming and fingerpicking chords by using the "Step-By-Step Approach" of Everybody's Guitar Method. This 64 page book provides the "missing link" that guitar teachers have been searching for in guitar pedagogy for many years – the means to teach and motivate students into becoming proficient accompanists. Both right and left-hand techniques are introduced, enabling the student to feel confident playing chords.

The music includes traditional folksongs and standard favorites from throughout the world as well as original music written expressively for the pedagogy of this book. Each arrangement includes melody, chord names, and lyrics, and is readily adaptable for ensemble playing. The student is encouraged to learn both the chords and the melody whenever possible. Tablature is introduced in order to help students learn new music faster and more accurately.

A new feature in the Everybody's Series is "Chord Chops", a fun introduction to popular and rock chord progressions. These easy-to-learn and fun-to-play chord progressions give the student an opportunity to learn interesting intros, endings, riffs, and professionally sounding music to perform.

Includes recordings to assist the student in the important skill of accurate rhythm when strumming.

Other features:

Chords Used in This Book and Common Guitar Chords – two pages of guitar chords for quick, easy reference.

Natural Notes in First Position – an easy-to-read chart in notation and tablature (TAB) containing the basic 18 notes used in this book.

Strum and Fingerpicking Patterns – help the student provide beautiful accompaniments to the music.

Primary Chords and The 12-Bar Blues Progression – further explanation of these two important elements of music.

Movable Chords – diagrams and charts explaining the world of barre chords.

How to Use a Capo – to place a song into an alternative key for singing.

Glossary – a quick reference for terms used throughout the book.