Accelerando, Book 6
Robert Schultz and Tina Faigen

Accelerando, Book 6

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The Accelerando Series provides a wealth of highly-motivating studies, expertly crafted to support all areas of standard piano technique. Designed for both children and adults, the Accelerando books guide the student's progress from their first lesson to the advanced level. Each book presents clear-cut goals that pave the way for accelerated progress at every age and level.

All subjects and elements studied throughout the Accelerando Series are developed with ample, creative reinforcement that ensures successful results with both immediate and long-term benefits.

Primary Subjects: 4 principal subjects: melodic scale figures, arpeggio figures, octave figures, and specialized skills.

New Elements: scale figures continue their progression through relative major/minor key signatures with three or four sharps/flats, blocked & broken octaves, specialized skills including: Alberti bass & broken chord patterns, trills, crossing hands, leaps, and combination studies.

Also includes: circle of 5ths diagram, relative major/minor transposition chart, "master the metronome," staff paper.