Rock the Halls (Digital Download)
Rock the Halls (Digital Download)
Philip Groeber

Rock the Halls (Digital Download)

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Music and Lyrics by Philip Groeber
Late Intermediate

We need more rock and roll Christmas songs! Rock the Halls is based on the Christmas favorite Deck the Halls, and uses a Drop D tuning to give you that rock and roll crunch. The Drop D tuning also allows you to play the power chords on the fifth and sixth strings using a first-finger barre chord. The use of open strings helps you to move around the fingerboard more freely. Several measures require the use of hybrid picking to make skipping strings easier to play. Get a smooth sound on the quarter-note bends. When playing the chords use a palm mute pounding out straight eighth notes. You will really enjoy playing the Interlude section in measures 24-32. Rock on!

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