Just a Lonely Ghost (Digital Download)
Just a Lonely Ghost (Digital Download)
Philip Groeber

Just a Lonely Ghost (Digital Download)

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Music and Lyrics by Philip Groeber
Late Elementary

This is a rather sad song about a old ghost who feels their scaring days are coming to an end. As a matter of fact, the feeble “boo” at the end just might be the last one. The arrangement style is a bass solo with chord accompaniment, so be sure to bring out the melody while keeping the chords in the background. A good practice strategy is to begin to work on the melody only, then adding the chords when you are comfortable. Speaking of the chords, there are many three and four note extended chord voicings; several of the chord names may be new to you. The tempo is moderately slow (quarter note = 80), which will help changing the chords a little easier. Exaggerate the tempo and dynamic changes. Have fun with the three-string harmonics in measure 8.

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