Hope It’s Santa (Duet) (Digital Download)
Hope It’s Santa (Duet) (Digital Download)
Philip Groeber

Hope It’s Santa (Duet) (Digital Download)

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Music and Lyrics by Philip Groeber

The annual tradition of young children getting overly excited by the arrival of Santa on his sleigh comes to life once again with Hope It’s Santa, a fun-to-play guitar duet for kids of all ages. Part I only uses the first six notes learned on the first and second strings with an open G on the third string added in for good measure. Part II primarily stays on strings 2 and 3 but occasionally ventures down the 4th string. The chord-strummer person will need some experience to properly play the barre chords Dm7 and F. Watch the left-hand fingering on the Gsus4 to G chord change. Adding percussion instruments to the mix is a very good idea!

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