Ghostess Are the Mostess! (Digital Download)
Ghostess Are the Mostess! (Digital Download)
Philip Groeber

Ghostess Are the Mostess! (Digital Download)

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Music and Lyrics by Philip Groeber

The Ghostess (GHOST-ez) on Halloween night might be a scary bunch of characters, but the music to this entertaining guitar sheet is both easy and enjoyable! The fun-to-play melody notes on the fifth and sixth strings are a little more mischievous than usual. Using quarter notes and half notes, the left hand moves to several higher pitches on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th frets. An open string or a rest always precedes this movement to help ensure that the pulse stays rock steady. The primary chords in the key of E minor (Em, Am, and B7) are used, other chords are C, F7, and F#7.

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