Everybody's Guitar Ensembles 1
Everybody's Guitar Ensembles 1
Everybody's Guitar Ensembles 1
Philip Groeber, David Hoge, Rey Sanchez

Everybody's Guitar Ensembles 1

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Everybody's Guitar Ensembles 1 offers a fresh "Step-By-Step Approach" introduction to ensemble playing. This elementary level collection will make your ensemble stand out! Includes recordings to assist the student in the important skills of accurate note playing and rhythm.

Everybody's Guitar Ensembles is designed to teach guitarists how to perform well with other musicians. It provides fun-to-play music in a variety of musical styles. All pieces in this book are adaptable to either pick-style playing or classical technique.

Step-By-Step Approach
The ensemble pieces in this book have been carefully graded so that beginning students may participate very early in their music training. The easiest ensemble uses all quarter notes (except for the final note), with each performer playing natural notes on only one string (each part using a different string). New concepts, such as sharps, flats, chords, and other rhythm values are introduced gradually throughout the book.

All Together Now; Amazing Grace; Aura Lee; Bass-Riff Groove; El noy de la mare ; Friendly Star; Greensleeves; The Irish Washerwoman; Jingle Bells; Malagueña; Musette; My Dreydel; O Canada; Ode to Joy; Oh! Susanna; Playing Around; Scarborough Fair; The Snake Charmer; The Sounds of Jazz; The Star-Spangled Banner; Summer of '59; Tale of the Troubadour; Warrior's Song; When the Saints Go Marching In

Other features:

Chord Names – The optional chords may be strummed by the teacher or an advanced student. In addition, a piano and/or bass player can easily be added to the ensemble (using the chord names as a guide).

Lyrics – Vocalists may sing along with the ensemble for special occasions and concerts.

Natural Notes in First Position and Chords Used in This Book – This handy reference page shows where to find any notes or chords used in the ensemble pieces.

Glossary – An extensive glossary of common music terms and symbols is provided. Use this tool to learn or clarify meanings of any unfamiliar terms.